Karate for Kids

Children as young as 4 (sometimes even 3!) start here. If your child(ren) are under the age of 10, look to these classes. If children will be training with a parent or older sibling, look to our standard classes.

Families, Couples, Teens, Adults

Adults, Teens, and Tweens train in any or all of our adult programs. Parents can train with children. Wives and husbands can train together.

Punching and kicking (Karate), ground fighting and grappling (Jujutsu), or sword, staff, stick, and knife (Kobujutsu) provide a buffet of options. What sounds interesting?

Being Your Best You...

The Guardian Quest Dojo is a lot about helping you become your best you. We're not going to try to make you something you're not. If you're quiet, introverted, and shy - that's wonderful!

What we do is help quiet people be loud when loud is call for. We help introverted people be social when social is called for. We help shy people step our assertively and handle stuff when it's time to handle stuff.

The Quiet, Introverted, Shy Sensei

Andrea Kasten Loya was quiet, introverted, and shy before starting her training in the Guardian Martial Arts. She's STILL quiet, introverted, and shy! Why? Because there's absolutely nothing wrong with her being her! Very often, people think that women have to become a "tough chick" to be a Black Belt. Not so!

Being quiet, introverted, and shy is great! It only becomes a problem if it becomes a bunker to hide in, or feels like a prison that traps you. The key is to not be limited by it! Quiet, introverted, and shy is a launching pad to adventure from!

Quiet people can learn to be loud when loud is called for. Introverted people can learn to be social when social is called for. Shy people can still step up and assert themselves when it's time to handle stuff!

Sensei Andrea has been featured in the book The Princess Is A Knight. She's met and visited the private boutique of a high-profile fashion designer. She's been to parties with Vegas performers. She's met masters, trained with them, and done a ton of fun stuff.

When you can walk free of fear of what scares many people, women in particular, it's amazing what you kind of amazing life you can have - even as a quiet, introverted, shy person!