Next Level Guardian Programs

The most elite performers in business and sports invest huge sums in personal development. Fortune 500 Corporations literally spend billions. Master Conway has invested six-figures in seminars, workshops, masterminds, coaching and more.

The Guardian Quest Dojo brings the power of these programs to every student. One way is sharing material as part of class that others pay hundreds of dollars to hear.

The Next Level Programs are the other way. These are programs that quite rightly should involve an additional fee of hundreds of dollars per month. Yet, they are made available at no additional charge.

Leadership. Martial Arts. Discipleship. Even Ultimate Guardian - highly encouraged at no additional fee - when really, it ought to boost the monthly cost of classes by hundreds of dollars per month. Read below to learn more.



Leadership is the process of Influence.  It starts with ourselves.  Leaders go first.  Leaders model what they expect others to do.

The first person we must lead is ourselves.  We discipline ourselves for good character and personal growth so others can see how to grow and how to behave.

When we influence others, we do so for their own benefit and for mutual benefit, modeling generosity and caring.

It is a chance to lift the limits of your leadership skills so you will be more effective, more powerful, and a more worthy leader than you are when you start.  It is about decisiveness, confidence, and learning to truly value the progress of others.



Martial Artist

A Martial Artist learns more, does more, and knows more than someone will learn by “just attending classes.”

First, a Martial Artist really pays attention and learns all he can from classes.

Second, a Martial Artist learns beyond class.

You’ve already studied Leadership.  Now you start studying some of the classic martial arts literature and gain knowledge not covered in class.

You expand your exposure to other martial arts, to exceptional leaders and teachers in related fields and even unrelated fields – and you train, every day, to become more.



“Christian Disciple” is about doing more than what has become normal.  It’s about learning more.  It’s about living what we say we believe.  It’s about finding out what it means to be a Disciple.

The word “Disciple” comes from “discipline.” One advantage to Martial Arts as a discipline is that we have ranks - belts of varying colors that tell you where you are in your journey to Black Belt.  Christianity doesn’t have that.

Disciple is to ordinary Christian what Kohai is to Student.  If you understand being a Kohai, you understand being a Disciple.  If you understand Sempai and Sensei, you understand “making disciples.”

(This program also has nonChristian variations)

The Path to Mastery

In the ranks of the super-successful, the multi-millionaires in the world, superstars in most fields, and those who quickly move forward in their career – THEY read an average of a book a month.

The super-successful, up and coming, multi-millionaires and experts also listen to audio programs. They feed their mind with useful, inspiring information to learn, grow and move forward in their life, relationships and career.

Having a Plan for Growth is critical for anyone who is leading or wants to be a leader.