Young Soke Scot Conway

Karate for Kids

Children as young as 4 (sometimes even 3!) have a lot of fun learning great life lessons and basic martial arts movements in Little Guardian Karate.

Older elementary school kids advance in belts as they learn more sophisticated skills in Junior Guardian Karate! This is where to start for children under age 10.

Sensei Lauren and Sensei Gaby

Families, Couples, Teens, & Adults

Adults, Teens, and Tweens train in any or all of our adult programs. Parents can train with children. Wives and husbands can train together.

The selection of adult programs lets you customize your martial arts experience as you join the Guardian Dojo Ohana (family)! You can train in Karate and Jujutsu. You can train in Jujutsu and Kobujutsu (weapons). You can do all three!

Punching and kicking (Karate), ground fighting and grappling (Jujutsu), or sword, staff, stick, and knife (Kobujutsu) provide a buffet of options. What sounds interesting? Give that a try!

Joyful Andrea and Joshua at Skyfall

Being Your Best You

The Guardian Quest Dojo is a lot about helping you become your best you. We're not going to try to make you something you're not. If you're quiet, introverted, and shy - that's wonderful!

What we do is help quiet people be loud when loud is call for. We help introverted people be social when social is called for. We help shy people step our assertively and handle stuff when it's time to handle stuff.

Head Instructor Andrea Loya is still quiet, still introverted, and still shy... and she's also lived a vivid, adventurous life that may seem surprising because quiet, introverted, and shy isn't a bunker to hide in, it's a launching pad to adventure from!


The Guardian Ohana

The Guardian Dojo is a family, an OHANA. We build our culture based on an idea called The Ohana Way. You may remember from Lilo & Stitch, "Ohana means family."

The Ohana Way is a book by Scot Conway, Ph.D., J.D. Ohana is used as an acronym: Oasis, Harmony, Assertiveness, Nobility, Aloha.

While supplies last, we will share a free copy of the book The Ohana Way Report. It discusses more about the idea of Ohana. If you see what it means to be OHANA: Oasis, Harmony, Assertiveness, Nobility, Aloha... and you want to contributed to it and be a part of it, this is exactly the right place for you.

Safe2bSafe: Train Safe to Be Safe

Getting hurt by the training you do to not get hurt seemed backwards. Getting beat up training to not get beat up seemed backwards. It seemed there had to be a safer way. A problem was that we needed to balance the need to still be effective for self-defense and safe in training. How do we do that?

The Guardian Solution was to deconstruct self-defense situations. We had to be prepared to handle chaos, we had to know how to do our moves, we had to know what targets to hit, and we had to be able to hit effectively.

This was the innovation: Divide it up. Take the pieces apart and train them separately, and you could work on each one of them is relative safety.

The big question was whether it would still work. Then a yellow belt student was attacked. She defended herself effectively. A purple belt student was attacked. She also defended herself effectively. Over the first thirty years of the Guardian Martial Arts, they were called upon to protect students thirty different times, and all thirty times they succeeded.

The bottom line is that it works. It works when we need it to work. All we have to do is learn it properly, practice effectively, and we can be ready. The beauty of it is that it’s very safe to train this way.


Next Steps...

Look at our schedule of classes, determine what might be a good fit for you, and come on in! We'd love to meet you in person!